1、When employeeslog in to their computers, they're shown a picture of one of their coworkers and asked to guess that person's name.(当员工登录电脑时,他们会看到一张同事的照片,还要猜出那个人的名字。)

2、You need a password tolog on.(登录需要密码。)

3、When these smartphones and laptopslog on to the networks which are not real, hackers can easily steal their private information.(当这些智能手机和笔记本电脑登录到不真实的网络上时,黑客可以很容易地窃取他们的私人信息。)

4、Diamond thinks they laid the moai on wooden sledges, hauled overlog rails, but that required both a lot of wood and a lot of people.(戴蒙德认为他们把摩艾石像放在木制雪橇上,然后拖过原木轨道,但这需要很多木材和人力。)

5、He laughed and came back to thelog and began to talk about the flower seeds again.(他笑了笑,回到圆木旁,又开始谈论花籽的事。)

6、"Let us sit down on thislog and look at them," she said.(“让我们坐在这根圆木上看看他们。”她说。)

7、The captain always keeps alog.(船长坚持记航海日记。)

8、The system is unable tolog you on.(这个系统无法让你登录。)

9、Your commit message should be at the top of thelog.(您的提交消息应该位于日志的顶部。)

10、As we say on this home page here, by default, we anonomize you when youlog into this bulletin board, whereby, you're alllogged in as students.(就像我们在这个主页上说的,在默认情况下,当你登录到这个公告栏时,我们会对你进行登记,这样,你就会以学生的身份登录。)

11、If a computer user fails tolog off, the system is accessible to all.(如果一位电脑用户没有登出,所有人都可以进入该系统。)

12、log on to the Hammer Web ring, with 12 more sites devoted to macabre movies.(登录哈默的相关系列网站,就会找到另外12个专门提供恐怖电影的网站。)

13、Thelog fire was blazing merrily.(篝火正在欢快地熊熊燃烧着。)

14、Mistress Mary got up from thelog at once.(玛丽小姐立刻从木头上站起来。)

15、Often, such projects are the result of legislativelog-rolpng.(一般来说,这样的项目都是立法机关之间相互投赞成票所通过的议案结果。)

16、Full details, including the website address tolog on to, are at the bottom of this page.(包括要登陆的网址的完整信息在本页下端。)

17、Alog fire roared in the open hearth.(柴火在敞开着的壁炉里熊熊燃烧。) 【好工具hao86.com】

18、For most of your work, you should notlog in as user.(对于你的大多数工作,你都不应该以用户身份登录。)

19、Customers pay tolog on and gossip with other users.(顾客们花钱登录,与其他用户闲聊。)

20、The captain keeps alog.(船长记航海日志。)

21、We all got out our own sewing and sat in front of thelog fire.(我们都拿出自己的针线活,坐在了篝火前。)

22、Niigata stirred the wood with a poker, and put anotherlog on.(尼加塔用拨火棍搅了一下柴火,接着又加了一根木柴。)

23、It caught us in the act, sent an alert to my smartphone, and also psted our RF interference on the system's eventlog.(它当场发现了我们,向我的智能手机发送了警报,还在系统的事件日志中列出了我们的射频干扰。)

24、There was a smalllog raft there which they meant to capture.(那里有一个小木筏,他们打算抓住它。)

25、The popcelog all phone calls.(警方对所有电话都做记录。)

26、You canlog into this, not only chat with this interactively, but on the right-hand side here, you can actually grant us view or control of your own screen.(你可以登录这个,不仅仅是与这进行交互式聊天,在右边这里,你可以让我们查看或控制你自己的屏幕。)

27、Theylog everyone and everything that comes in and out of here.(他们把在这里出入的人和发生的事都记入日志。)

28、I set thelog on the ground and shaved off the bark.(我把原木放在地上,然后刨掉树皮。)

29、The family made an official complaint to a ship's officer, which was recorded in thelog.(这家人向一位高级船员提出过正式投诉,此事记入了航行日志。)

30、I shut the shed door and wedged it with alog of wood.(我关上小屋的门,然后用一根圆木将它抵牢。)



英 [lɒg] 美 [lɔ:g]  过去式: logged 过去分词: logged 现在分词: logging 第三人称单数: logs




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